18 mindset shifts that will change you for the better.

Know the value of what you have. If you put a price on what you already have, friends, family, life, the world, you’ll find you’re already a trillionaire and always have been. (Dale Carnegie)

To manage your energy, manage your stress. With less stress, your energy will feel limitless. (Dale Carnegie)

Take the leap. People regret inaction more than action. (Daniel Pink & Daniel Gilbert)

Feel negative emotions. Pain goes away faster when you accept it. (David Hawkins)

Look forward to old age. Happiness usually peaks in our 70s and 80s. (Gallup)

Take care of relationships. They’re the #1 predictor of life satisfaction. (Harvard Study of Adult Development)

Surrender to the flow of life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised where the currents take you. (Michael Singer)

Be grateful. “If you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee you won’t enjoy a yacht.” (Naval Ravikant)

Accept your insignificance. In contrast to the billions of years the universe has existed, we don’t matter much. Hopefully that takes the pressure off. (Oliver Burkeman)

Appreciate the journey. None of this had to happen. (Oliver Burkeman)

Create systems, NOT goals. Goals are arbitrary, systems enforce actions that actual move you in the right direction. (Scott Adams)

Deny your nature at your own risk. If you hear a calling, you better answer it. (Steven Pressfield)

When it comes to ethics, listen to your gut. There’s no such thing as a difficult ethical decision. You immediately know what to do, the only question is if you choose to do it. (a stranger from Dallas)

Question expertise and think for yourself. No one knows what they’re doing. (Tim Ferriss)

Don’t worry about what you do and do not know. Everything is “figureoutable” from first principles. (Tim Sullivan)

Pursue fulfillment in your career, not achievement. Achievement feeds the ego but fulfillment feeds the soul. (Tony Robbins)

Solve problems, don’t talk about them. You can complain about your situation or you can figure out how to change it. (Victor Cheng)

Focus on the one question that matters. How will you spend your time? (Ty Clauss)

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Writing @ coffeetalk.substack.com

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Ty Clauss

Ty Clauss

Writing @ coffeetalk.substack.com

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